At the end of November 2018, new poles were installed at Roberton and Fishercroft, near the Coo Palace. A fibre broadband cable was trenched into the road verge between the poles at Roberton and Fishercroft. As of mid-January 2019 the fibre network has not been extended from Ingleston to connect with these new installations.

Cable trenching near Roberton


Planning permission has been granted for fibre-to-copper broadband cabinets at Cooper Croft near Millhall and at Burnyard Cottage near Carleton Farm but there is no sign yet of these cabinets being installed.

The scheme of establishment for Community Councils in Dumfries & Galloway has recently been updated and now allows for additional Community Councillors. Borgue currently has 7 members of the Community Council but we can now have an additional 4. If you are interested in joining the Community Council, please email Laura Moodie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


During the first half of 2018 fibre broadband cables have been run from the Borgue exchange along a number of local roads. These include:

  • Along the B727 as far as Mill of Plunton
  • Down the road from Borgue towards Kirkandrews as far as Ingliston farm
  • Along the road from Chapelton to Barmagachan then on past Plunton to Newfield cottage and across the fields to Lennox-Plunton
  • Down the road from Barmagachan to Rattra farm

Properties along these routes should now be able to contract for high speed "fibre to the property" (FTTP) broadband services. You can find out which companies offer fibre broadband services at The properties on the road from Chapelton to Barmagachan do not seem to be supplied with direct fibre connections but there is a plan to install a fibre cabinet along this road near Burnyard Cottage and this should be able to supply higher speed broadband in this area.

There are plans to install additional green cabinets to provide high speed FTTC broadband services at two locations near Borgue. These are at Millhall and near Carleton farm. These are expected to be installed before the end of 2018.

BT Openreach engineers have been seen in Kirkandrews preparing for running fibre broadband cables but it is not clear when these might be run and what level of service will be offered. Kirkandrews and the Brighouse/Cairniehill area are now showing up on the DSSB website as being "in scope" for provision of high-speed broadband services so we are expecting to see some engineering work taking place before the end of 2018. 

You can use the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband (DSSB) web site to check if a higher speed broadband service is available or planned for your location. You can enter either your post code or telephone number and it will tell you the status of your current connection and the plans (if any) for upgrade.