We need to continue to understand the needs of families so that we can plan quality, flexible and accessible services across the region. If you are a parent who currently uses childcare (including Early Learning and Childcare and Out of School Care) or are looking to use childcare in the future, you can let us know your views by completing this questionnaire.

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The survey will close on Friday 11 February 2022 - thank you

The bathing water quality at Dhoon Bay and Brighouse Bay has been deteriorating for the past few years and Dhoon Bay is in danger of being removed from the list of designated bathing beaches if the situation does not improve in 2022. The Scottish Envirionment Protection Agency (SEPA) has been working with farmers and residents in the Dhoon Bay area to identify sources of pollution and propose some solutions.

Click here to read SEPA's community bulletin on this subject.

The planning application for the High Nunton Solar Farm has now been posted on the Dumfries & Galloway Council's Planning web site. You can view the set of documents associated with the application by going to the planning application search page: and enter the identifier 21/2490.

The High Nunton Solar Farm page on this web site has been updated with the latest site plans and direct links to some of the documents associated with this planning application.