Here are some old postcards from the Borgue area. The first three feature the centre of Borgue village.




This is Kirkandrews in the early 1900s. The kirk on the left was built in 1906. The old corn mill buildings are in front of the kirk. They were demolished shortly afterwards. Milnecroft cottage is to the right of the kirk. You can just make out the laundry behind the washing hanging on the line. The houses of Knockkennoch in the right foreground were divided into four flats. The small porches with battlements seem to have been newly built to match similar features on the kirk and the laundry.


This is a view up Kirkandrews Bay from lower down the shore probably around 1900. Craig Cottage is up on the left. The corn mill can be seen in the valley, Milnecroft cottage is behind it and the kirk has not yet been built. Knockkennoch is in the middle, above the man on the shore. The building on the right is part of Meggerland farm which was demolished soon after this photograph was taken.


Boating on the lake in front of Knockbrex House in Edwardian times.