This web page is intended to share community feedback relating to the planning application for the High Nunton Solar Project (Planning reference: 21/2490/FUL). The planning application is open to individual representations (objections or support) until Sunday, 6th March 2020. Please send any questions, comments or suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Questions from Borgue Hotel - 15 Feb 2022

Fencing Request from Nancy Hill - 15 Feb 2022

Response from Derek Mitchell, High Nunton Solar - 24 February 2022

Objections to Planning Application from Russell Malloch - 27 February 2022

Response from High Nunton Solar - 1 March 2022

Questions from the Borgue Hotel

1. This is the largest project that has been proposed for Borgue Parish and yet there has been no open meeting with the planning team. What would normally be expected when preparing to put an application in on this scale?

2. At this point there is no clear indication of how the electricity will be transferred from the site to Tongland. It is very possible that this will be in the form of mini pylons which will be another eyesore in an area of natural beauty. Should this not be clear in the planning?

3. As a Hospitality Business we attract people to the area because of its beauty and it's tranquility. We have already had a lot of disruption from the building of the gas pipe into Brighouse Bay. This project is due to take many years to build and will have an obvious impact on hospitality in the local area. Is this something that will be looked at when making a decision on the application?

Request from Nancy Hill for additional fencing around woodland along the Millhall Burn

Subject: High Nunton Submission. Conservation alongside Millhall Burn.

Dear Prospus

 I am asking if a stock fence can be erected enclosing a small strip of the woodland  alongside the Milhall Burn in the field across from my property as part of the conservation measures close to the proposed solar site. 

The purpose of this would be to protect the existing mature deciduous trees  from bank erosion by allowing undergrowth to develop, and to enable regeneration of  young trees .  Some mature trees have fallen without replacements and  this is a wildlife corridor  linking Senwick Wood inland to the solar  area. It is used by red squirrels, woodpeckers, deer and other wildlife.  Along with my trees it also contributes to some screening of the solar panel fields at the top side of my property.


I discussed this with Mr Maitland recently and he asked me to submit my request through Prospus.  

Best regards

Nancy Hill

Response from Derek Mitchell, High Nunton Solar Project

Hi Nancy,

I can confirm that Robert would be very happy to put up some stock fencing to protect the trees and scrub on the north side of the bank as indicatively marked out on your plan, as part of the wider solar farm landscaping works.

The sensible time to do this would be following consent when the landscaping works are completed.

Kind regards


 Objections to Planning Application from Russell Malloch - 27 February 2022

The following documents have been submitted to Dumfries & Galloway Planning Department by Russell Malloch but have not yet been made available on their web site. Click on the links below to view and/or download the PDF documents.

Response from High Nunton Solar - 1 March 2022

Dear Members of the Borgue Community,

I’ve attached some further details published by the Scottish Government to add some context to Mr Malloch’s assertion within his objection that the ‘Proposal no longer has any relevance. This is because, amongst other things, the Scottish Government’s target of securing all of the nation’s gross electricity consumption from renewable sources will have been achieved long before operations ever began at High Nunton’.

This linked document published by the Scottish Government sets out that:

  • Total Scottish energy consumption from renewables in 2020 accounted for 25.4% against a target of 50% by 2030.
  • In 2020, the Electricity Generation Fuel Mix for Scotland included 10.9% of its energy from fossil fuels and 25.7% from nuclear.  It is worth noting that Hunterston B nuclear power plant closed down in January, and the last remaining nuclear power station in Scotland (Torness) is scheduled to close in 2028.
  • Scotland failed to meet its 2020 target for the decarbonisation of heat (6.3% against a  target of 11%). Going forward, Scotland has a 2030 target to transition 1million homes to low carbon heating. Based on currently available technologies, electrically powered heat pumps are likely to play a significant role in meeting this heat target.  

The electrical grid will also have to accommodate the significant increase in EV charging, as Scotland plans to phase out sales of new internal combustion engine powered cars by 2032.

In addition to the transformation required of the electrical grid to meet the Net Zero targets, the current Energy Cost Crisis and Europe’s dependence on Russian gas suggests that the development a diverse range of renewable energy sources in Scotland has never been more relevant.

Yours faithfully

Derek Mitchell

For and on behalf of High Nunton Solar Ltd