High Nunton Solar Farm


There is a proposal to build a solar photovoltaic farm in the fields to the north of Culraven Farm, about 1 mile east of Borgue village. The project is known as the High Nunton Solar Farm. The residents of Borgue have been provided with an information pack that provides some information about the proposed development.

The proposed area for development is in the area between the B727 near Culraven Farm and the A755, near High Borgue Farm. It is outlined in red on the map below, with the main areas proposed for solar panels being immediately to the north and south of High Nunton. Access to the site for construction will be via the A755 at Glentruil so that construction traffic does not need to travel through Borgue village. The solar farm would be connected to the National Grid at Tongland under a separate project managedby Scottish Power Energy Networks. Construction of the solar farm is not expected to take place until 2025.


The proposed solar panel layout within the area is shown below. You can load the full document in PDF form from the D&G Council web site using the links further down this page.


The project has  been the subject of two submissions to Dumfries & Galloway Council's Planning department. A formal planning application has not yet been submitted. This is expected to take place later this year after a period of public consultation.

Application for a Scoping Opinion: 19/1259/SCO

Proposal of Application Notice (PAN): 21/0663/PAN

You can enter these references into the search box on the D&G Council Planning Site at the link given below if you want to read through the documents that have been submitted so far.

This web page will be updated with information as the project proceeds so that you can see the latest information from the project and from Dumfries & Galloway Council's planning web site.

The links below let you access the information on the D&G Council Planning web site and the High Nunton Solar Farm web site.

Dumfries & Galloway Council Planning Site

High Nunton Solar Farm Web Site

Documents from the D&G Council Planning site

The following documents from the Proposal of Application Notice submission can be viewed here rather than having to go searching for them on the D&G Council planning web site. The last document in the list (Zone of Theoretical Visibility) is only a part of the original document as it was too big to upload to this web site. You can view the full document which includes many photographs of the site locations by going to the D&G Planning web site as described above.

Site Plan 
Solar Panel Layout
Landscape & Visual Feasibility Study
Landscape & Visual Feasibility Study Appendix pages 1-5
Landscape & Visual Feasibility Study Appendix pages 6-8
Landscape & Visual Feasibility Study Appendix pages 9-10 
Landscape & Visual Feasibility Study Appendix pages 11-15
Landscape & Visual Feasibility Study Appendix pages 16-20
Landscape & Visual Feasibility Study Appendix pages 21-25
Landscape & Visual Feasibility Study Appendix pages 26-30
Landscape & Visual Feasibility Study Appendix pages 31-35
Landscape & Visual Feasibility Study Appendix pages 36-39
Zone of Theoretical Visibility (Partial Document)

There is an opportunity to have a one-on-one online session with the project team. This can be booked via a form on the High Nunton Solar Farm web site.

There was a public webinar on 18th August which presented the project and answered questions from online participants. The questions and answers are published on the High Nunton Solar Farm web site. There was also a drop-in session at the Borgue Hotel on Friday, 20th August from 1 to 6 p.m. where members of the public could talk to Robert Maitland and the Prospus Group about the project. Click here to see a poster advertising this meeting.

Community Benefit

It was mentioned at the webinar on 18th August 2021 that Robert Maitland has initiated discussions with Borgue Community Council about benefits to the Borgue Community from the project. Robert has suggested that this could be in the form of some solar infrastructure that would benefit the Borgue Public Hall or Borgue School. Alternatively, the project could provide solar-powered devices, such as traffic speed warnings, around the school area. There is currently no suggestion of ongoing financial remuneration to the Borgue community (similar to what is seen in some winf farm installations) from the project.

Borgue Community Feedback

A separate web page has been created to capture feedback about this project from the Borgue community. Click here to view the page.