Message from the Flower Show Organisers:
No one will be surprised to hear that the Flower Show has been cancelled this year. However, an alternative activity has been suggested - 'Operation Tub'. The idea is to plant up a tub (or tubs) and fill Borgue with flowers and plants. The tubs have kindly been sourced and half filled with well rotted compost and are available NOW from Sarah McCarthy in Borgue village. Some plants have been donated and are being grown on by Janet Jones at Clamhan Cottage, Plunton and are available for anyone who would like them.
The tubs can be filled with bedding, or any sort of plant or feature - there are no rules! They can be sited outside your house, at your road end, at a handy road junction or in Borgue village. The only request is that people are responsible for watering their own tubs. They can be put out straight away, or as soon as they are ready and refreshed throughout the summer. The only place they cannot be stored for very long is outside Sarah's house!
Sarah has numbered the tubs, so that we can keep track of them. If it really takes off we can decide at later date to award prizes. It would be great if the tubs could have 'Borgue Flower Show' displayed, on a flag, painted on, or with marker pen.
If you are unable to pick up a tub, Sarah can deliver. Please contact Sarah to get her address and a time slot for picking up your tub, or to let her know where you would like the tubs to be dropped off. (If you don't have her contact details please send us a message and we'll put you in touch).
Please email Janet (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for details of the plants she is raising and directions - she will leave plants at her road end or we can deliver.
These things are all free!