The next meeting of the Community Council will take place in the Borgue Public Hall on Tuesday, 17th August 7 p.m.

COVID-19: This meeting will take place in accordance with social distancing measures along with a number of further steps in order to maintain a safe environment.   The Community Council respectfully request that all attendees act within accordance to these measures.

The agenda for the meeting is below:

  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Police Report
  3. Minutes and Matters arising
  4. Secretary’s Report (circulated prior to meeting)
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Roads: Update from meetings with roads dept.
  7. Flood Risk Management Consultation
  8. Community Issues:
    A) Update on bathing water quality             
    B) Overnight parking/wild camping.
  9. Planning: Update on the progress of the proposed Solar Farr at High Nunton.
  10. Any Other Business.

Community Council Meeting - Tuesday, 17th August 7 p.m.