For areas that are not covered by fibre broadband there is a government supported grant scheme that enables small businesses and individual residents to contract the installation of fibre broadband. The scheme is called the Gibgabit Broadband Voucher Scheme and is described in the link below:

The scheme provides up to £2,500 per business or £500 per resident. There must be at least one business as part of the grant application and for each business there can be up to 10 individuals. One business and 10 residents could get vouchers to the value of £7,500 to contract the installation of a fibre broadband connection.

From May 2019, the scheme was extended to provide additional support for rural communities. Properties in rural areas are now eligible for vouchers of £1,500 per property or £3,500 per business to support the installation of fibre broadband. There's more information in the following link: