A red squirrel infected with squirrel pox has been identified near Cardoness Castle. The disease is transmitted from grey squirrels to red squirrels and they often come into contact at squirrel feeders. Please do not put out food for squirrels if you are in an area where there are both red and grey squirrels.

There will be an Open Gardens event in the Borgue area on 28th July 2019. Click on the poster below for more information.



19th February 2019: One of Borgue Community Council’s main priorities is getting an overall improvement to the roads in the Borgue area. The Community Council has repeatedly raised its concerns with D&G Council on the poor state of the local roads and to highlight those concerns, potholes have been reported and two site visits have taken place, one last year and another in January this year with D&G Council staff and one of our Ward Councillors. After the site visit last year some improvements were made but the Community Council was still concerned, hence arranging a further site visit in January.

Assurances have been given by D&G Council to Borgue Community Council that work will be carried out this year on improving Borgue roads. However, Borgue Community Council will not cease to keep this as one of its main priorities until the promised improvements take place and this means more than just filling potholes but an overall improvement in the state of the roads.

The new Borgue bus service is now running with 4 buses per day between Borgue and Kirkcudbright. The timetable and information are shown below. You can pick up a postcard sized copy of the timetable at the Borgue Hotel.




On Tuesday, 29th January there was a meeting in the Borgue Public Hall to discuss the proposed changes to the Borgue bus timetable.

The proposed timetable will give us 4 buses a day with lots of options for onward transport links from Kirkcudbright. It is hoped the new timetable will be in place by the end of April and will run for a year.

The Community Council will be working hard to promote the route and would love your input on day trips, outings and things to do to get folk making the most of the bus.

This is the new timetable: