Kerbside Question Time

Kerbside recycling is coming to D&G

Kerbside recycling is coming to D&G.  We’re looking to introduce this over the next 6 to 12 months.  As we go on this journey, we want to take you with us.  Rubbish? Waste of time? Can it?  You tell us…

We’re running an online Q&A session with Chair of Communities Committee Councillor Andy Ferguson and Infrastructure Manager James McLeod to answer your questions on what this means for you, and to tell you in some detail about our plans for roll out and implementation of this.

Please follow the link below to send us your question.  Questions open up at 2pm on Thursday 24 July and close at 8pm on Sunday 26 July.  We’ll share the Q&A session Thursday 6 August @ 14:00 on our social media channels.

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If you fit into one or both categories or know someone who does, let us help now lockdown is easing. We are offering free protection, whilst stocks last, to permanent residents in most need.

1 bottle of hand sanitizer per household

1 reusable face mask per resident

HAND SANITISER Our free hand sanitiser, supplied in a recycled plastic container, contains a high percentage of alcohol as well as other ingredients for HAND WASH ONLY. Every bottle contains:

Alcohol 80%

Distilled water,

Hydrogen peroxide 


Usage Advice: Only a small amount of sanitiser is needed to clean your hands effectively, so if the container we provide you with isn’t a spray bottle, we advise you decant it into something that has flow control (like a cleaned washing-up liquid bottle) or something which already sprays  (like a well-washed kitchen/ bathroom cleaner or hand wash container). This is to avoid wastage and over-use. To use, simply spray or pour a small amount into the palm of one hand and rub thoroughly (as you would with soap and water) until it dries. Always keep sanitiser in a sealed container to avoid evaporation. To make it go further, we suggest using it when you go out - cleaning your hands when you return to the car after shopping or after moving a farm gate, for example - but continue to use soap and water when at home.

NB: We also recommend you first try it on a small patch of skin, leave for a while, then check for any reaction. If you do, stop using immediately. Contact us, as below, to return the item.

If you do buy sanitiser yourself, Which? magazine advises that the most effective products contain at least 70% alcohol.



FACE MASKS – Our free, reusable non-medical mask can be used for travelling on public transport, for shopping or meeting friends and family again. Inner layer: 440 thread count Egyptian cotton sheeting.  Outer layer: 100% hardwearing tight weave printed cotton. Both layers already pre-shrunk. You can then insert a third layer to sit in the gap between these two layers, but make sure you can still breathe easily. (NB: There is still debate about the best material - at the moment, suggestions include kitchen paper towel, polypropylene or even a further cotton layer.)

Please specify colour – dark rose or grey print – and Adult size - Medium or Large. We can also include a wire loop, if you wish, which gives a closer fitting over the nose and which is useful with glasses, but we can leave it empty if you wish. Elastic for loops are supplied - just tie for comfort.

Care for your mask: Keep your mask in a clean plastic, resealable bag. When you need to use it, hold the mask at the elastic loops when removing it from the bag. Only use your fabric mask for a day at most then wash it in soap or detergent and preferably hot water. Make sure it is totally dry before you use again. Do not share your mask with other people.

Remember, the use of a fabric mask alone is not sufficient to provide an adequate level of protection. Maintain minimum physical distancing and frequently wash your hands. Check government advice updates regularly.

Rose facemask Grey face mask


Reserving your facemask and/ or sanitiser is simple. Go to our Contact Us page and complete the form, or phone us on 07783 039 071 and leave a message. Tell us what item(s) you would like and provide a tel no. or email address and we will get back to you.


Thanks to all Volunteers who have helped so far e.g. shopping for residents or collecting medication. We also need help with the following:

Making masks - Volunteers are needed to help sew face masks for residents at risk in the Borgue area - materials and full instructions are provided.

Empty plastic bottles - Handwash, bathroom/kitchen cleaning spray or drinks bottles (eg 500-750ml) complete with their tops - are needed so we can fill with more hand sanitiser.

If you have not already done so, and you can help, get in touch as per Contact above. Thank you.

Rose facemask    Sample bottles


Message from the Flower Show Organisers:
No one will be surprised to hear that the Flower Show has been cancelled this year. However, an alternative activity has been suggested - 'Operation Tub'. The idea is to plant up a tub (or tubs) and fill Borgue with flowers and plants. The tubs have kindly been sourced and half filled with well rotted compost and are available NOW from Sarah McCarthy in Borgue village. Some plants have been donated and are being grown on by Janet Jones at Clamhan Cottage, Plunton and are available for anyone who would like them.
The tubs can be filled with bedding, or any sort of plant or feature - there are no rules! They can be sited outside your house, at your road end, at a handy road junction or in Borgue village. The only request is that people are responsible for watering their own tubs. They can be put out straight away, or as soon as they are ready and refreshed throughout the summer. The only place they cannot be stored for very long is outside Sarah's house!
Sarah has numbered the tubs, so that we can keep track of them. If it really takes off we can decide at later date to award prizes. It would be great if the tubs could have 'Borgue Flower Show' displayed, on a flag, painted on, or with marker pen.
If you are unable to pick up a tub, Sarah can deliver. Please contact Sarah to get her address and a time slot for picking up your tub, or to let her know where you would like the tubs to be dropped off. (If you don't have her contact details please send us a message and we'll put you in touch).
Please email Janet (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for details of the plants she is raising and directions - she will leave plants at her road end or we can deliver.
These things are all free!

The next meeting on the Borgue Community Council will be an online Zoom session on Tuesday, 23rd June 2020.

The link for the meeting and the agenda are:

Meeting ID: 447 191 3526
Password: B0rgue


1. Welcome and apologies
2. Minutes and matters arising
3. Secretary’s Report
4. Treasurer’s Report
5. Covid-19
 - Community Response
 - Community Recovery
6. Planning
 - Applications
 - Decisions
7. AGM Rescheduling

Next meetings:
Tuesday 15th September 2020
Tuesday 17th November 2020


Here is some information on the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) arrangements for our region’s Carers

A system has been put in place to provide PPE to our region’s unpaid Carers. The equipment is being provided by D&G Social Healthcare Partnership, with D&G Carers Centre taking the lead in approaches from Carers, triaging their need for PPE.

To access PPE & arrange pick up call D&G Carers Centre on 01387 248600 or mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.