Borgue Coastal Path

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The Borgue Coast is an SSSI and extends from the Dhoon beach (Nun Mill Bay), round the Mull of Ross, Brighouse Bay and on past Kirkandrews to Carrick. There are Dumfries & Galloway Core Paths defined all around the coast but some sections are not easily navigable or visible on the ground.
  • The Dhoon to Ross Bay is on a mostly good footpath starting from Millhall and going through Senwick Woods. There has been logging activity near Senwick Church and the last section of the path is difficult to follow.
  • Ross Bay to Brighouse Bay is waymarked and has gates in place. Some sections are overgrown with gorse.
  • Brighouse Bay to Kirkandrews is rough going but there are gates in place where the route crosses walls and fences.
  • Kirkandrews to Carrick has a Core Path defined but there is no infrastructure on the ground between Kirkandrews and the Knockbrex bathing house. This section needs to be worked on as it will become heavily used once the Holiday Property Bond site opens at Corseyard in late 2019.
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