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Drone Flight Objectives
• To produce an edited film to use on website to show people the character of the Borgue peninsula.
o Show parts of the coast and inland features that are difficult to access on foot.
o Show items of interest that are not obvious when on regularly-used roads or paths.
o Show the variety of the land and coast (at what state of tide?)
 Ross Bay
 Brighouse Bay
 Little Ross and the lighthouse
 Islands of Fleet
 Castle Haven and Coo Palace
o Can an aerial perspective show how the villages and settlements fit into the landscape?
o Can the whole of the Borgue parish be shown in one wide-perspective shot?
• It is only in the last 100 years or so that most people would have approached the Borgue peninsula from the land. Could video taken from a drone flying close to the shore give some impression of how people travelling in coastal vessels would have seen the peninsula?
o How would people have approached the land? What might be the first things that they saw?
• Video captured during a drone flight could generate still and moving images to be used as source material to help people produce artistic work.
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Replied by LauraDerby on topic Drone Objective
Hi, is everyone aware that there is drone footage of Ross Bay area on Solway View Holidays website? Looks good and there's music. I just found it through the GSA Biosphere website. It gives an idea of what is possible, what to expect and ask for. I like that a person is seen walking on the little beach with a white dog running and kids in the water. It creates association and identity as an accessible fun idyllic place for people to be. Maybe happy active people can be recruited to be out and about around the coast on drone day. Link below

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